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Q: What is the MLS?
A: MLS is the acronym that stands for Multiple Listing Service.

Q: What purpose does the MLS serve?

A: The MLS is basically a data base where all information is stored which lists all residential, commercial, and or acreage that is listed for sale by participating company that is a member.


Q: How does the MLS work?
A: Each time a member of the MLS lists a house or other property for sale, (which you do so with the permission of the seller) it gets listed on the MLS. In turn, what we are doing is offering compensation to other MLS members in the event that they will bring a buyer for the listed property. Every real estate agent that works with a company that is a member of the MLS has access to information on all the property listed in the MLS, no matter which company has it listed, and they are able to show the property, and they can represent you as a buyer’s agent in the event you would like to make an offer.


Q: What are the benefits of the MLS to the Seller?
A: This is a great benefit to the seller because they get exposure to buyers not only through the efforts of the company they list their property with but also with every other MLS member company and their agents.


Q: What are the benefits of the MLS to the Buyer?
A: This is extroadinary benefit to buyers, because they can work with one real estate agent to see basically any property that is listed in the MLS. Buyers don’t have to call the company whose sign is in the yard every time the see a house they would like more information on. They can work with just one agent to see any property they have an interest in without having to call a different agent each time to view a listing.

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